Unitarian Church in Sovata, TransylvaniaOur partner church is the Unitarian Church of Sovata. UUCM’s Partner Church Committee is a component of the Partner Church Program of the Unitarian Universalist Association established early in 1990 to develop a support network of Unitarian Universalist churches in North America to help the churches in Transylvania on an individual basis.  

The Unitarian community in Sovata, Romania came together in the 1950s. At the end of the 1980s, they decided to build a church on land that they owned.

The UUCM Partner Church Committee has several aims:

  • To help fellow Unitarians rebuild their religious communities after years of isolation and political oppression during Communism;
  • To foster the exchange of people and ideas between Sovata and UUCM
  • To support the modern education of Unitarian students in secondary schools, seminaries and elsewhere;
  • To improve our knowledge of the roots of the Unitarian movement in Transylvania; and
  • To foster mutual tolerance and respect among ethnic groups in Transylvania.

Current members of the UUCM Partner Church Committee are Alexandra Jenkins and Kristina Gale. We support this community with Basket Shares and members’ visits and donations to its congregation. If you are interested in learning more about and/or joining UUCM’s Partner Church Committee, we welcome you to join; contact Ali Jenkins.