UUCM has a long tradition of supporting its partner church - financially and in many other ways. We make regular quarterly donations to benefit the church and its minister. We also hold one Basket Share each year to raise awareness about the church's needs among UUCM congregants.

Below is a history of other ways UUCM has strengthened ties with its partner church in Sovata, Romania.

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Strengthening Ties: 1998-2008

1998: UUCM created a banner for our partner church. Cathleen Cox Burneo, former chair of UUCM's Partner Church Committee, delivered it on a trip to Transylvania sponsored by Project Harvest Hope. They visited Budapest, the Polish Castle, Dracula's Castle, the "drowned village" and numerous Unitarian churches, including UUCM's partner church.

2001: Cecilia Kingman Miller (former UUCM intern) led a trip for Project Harvest Hope and visited our partner church. The Sovata church gave us a beautiful banner which was presented to our congregation on February 3, 2002.

2004: UUCM raised $1,870 to help pay for a car for our partner church.

September 2005: Two UUCM members, Scott and Terry Merrick, visited Transylvania on a Thanksgiving trip sponsored by UUPCC Pilgrimages. They stayed with our partner church's minister and one of the lay presidents. They attended the Thanksgiving service in the new church. The Merricks were impressed by the nice people and beautiful scenery. View photos from their trip and read a summary by Terry Merrick.

2006: We sent $300 for gas heaters for the new church.

2007: $200 was sent for a new pulpit.

2008: We shipped a laptop computer for the minister's use.

Strengthening Ties: 2009

In February 2009, UUCM sent $300 to our Partner Church for the benefit of their talented art student, Nemeth Attila Levente. See one of his drawings. Rev. Levente Lazar, the minister, thanked us and requested additional funds to help furnish the newly-constructed minister's house.

September 2009, Message from the Partner Church Committee: To say "Happy Thanksgiving" in September may seem to be too early, but not if you are Transylvanian. Öszi Hálaadas Sunday, the traditional Transylvanian Unitarian Thanksgiving, is in late September. Scott and Terry Merrick went on a Thanksgiving Pilgrimage several years ago.

Christmas message from Rev. Levente Lazar:

Dear Friends:

We all wish you all Marry Christmas and Happy, Joyful New Year from Kiskukullo Valley, starting from Gyulakuta, via Erdoszentgyorgy, Csokfalva up to Szovata.

This year we had a very aglomerated Christmas. We started at Christmas Eve - we had 3 services with children in 3 different churches. Our children loved it because after all they sang and told Christmas poems 3 times but also they received 3 presents too :-)

Then we continued with the first day communion services in 5 places. But all this is usually during holidays, but this year we have today - on second day 3 services - and we are going to have tomorrow on 3th day, and the next day being Sunday we also have services. So we are going to have almost a week celebration.

Yours Erika, Levente, Levente Jr. and Reka

2008 1224karacsony080013

Christmas services in Transylvania


Strengthening Ties: 2010

The minister of our partner church, Rev. Levente Lazar, was named the 2010-11 Balázs Scholar at Starr King School for the Ministry in Berkeley, California. Learn more.

Strengthening Ties: 2011

On October 8, 2011 the Inauguration Ceremony was held for the new church built in Sovata, Transylvania. Rev. Chip Wright represented UUCM by attending the ceremony.

leventeceremony chiplevente partnerchurch2011
Levente in inauguration ceremony Revs. Chip and Levente Sovata Church, October 2011


See more photos of Sovata's building inauguration: Partner church inauguration