Note: Sovata and Szovata are 2 spellings for the same city. Sovata is used here for consistency.

Information from Sovata's Museum:

Sovata is situated in the zone of the eastern rim of the Transylvania basin, along the upper reaches of the river "Kis -Küküllo", in the eastern part of the present Mures district and in the western part of Harghita district. Transylvania is in Romania. In 1952 Sovata was declared a city. It is the only city of Székely Sóvidék (Salt district). In 1992, the number of inhabitants of the Sovata area was 12,112; of these, 8,935 lived in the city itself and 7,943 were of Hungarian nationality.

Sovata is known throughout Europe as a health and pleasure resort, with famous baths. It is one of the most famous spas in Romania and the most important health resort in the Mures district. The spas have been developed since 1900 and there are six large hotels for visitors. The area is marked by several heliothermal salt lakes, so called dolina lakes, such as Medve (Bear), Mogyorós (Hazel), Zöld (Green), Vörös (Reddish) and Fekete (Black) lake. The Medve lake (Lacul Ursu) is the largest heliothermal dolina drift lake in Romania. Bear Lake is the most famous among tourists.

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