The Balázs Scholars Program has brought a Unitarian Transylvanian Minister to study at Starr King School in Berkeley, California almost every year since 1994. The program is named for Francis Balázs, a young Transylvanian Unitarian minister who graduated from seminary in Kolozsvar, then studied at Oxford and Starr King School.

Each year, in honor of our common religious heritage with these Transylvanian ministers, UUCM hosts Balázs Scholars in our pulpit and supports the Balázs Scholars Program in many ways.

Highlights from recent Balázs Scholar visits

2008-09 Balázs Scholar

Rev. Endre Nagy visited UUCM on February 8 with his wife Eva Patko, a theater director. As a duo, the young couple sang a lovely Hungarian song for which Endre wrote the music. Endre's special interest is church music. After the service, they met many UUCM members and joined UUCM's Partner Church Committee for a small luncheon.

Endre returned to give the Sunday sermon on June 21. He spoke about the history of Transylvanian Unitarianism and reflected on differences between their faith and ours. On that day, UUCM shared its collection basket with our partner church. After the service, the Partner Church Committee held a luncheon to honor Endré. We served 36 people a menu of chicken paprika, stuffed cabbage (vegetarian), pickled beets and cucumbers, mixed green salad and cherry cake.

EndreNagySermon21Jun09 PartnerChurchCommChaliceLt
Rev. Endre Nagy
giving sermon
Chalice Lighting by some members
of the Partner Church Committee.


2009-10 Balázs Scholar

This year's scholar was Robert Bálint, minister of the Alabaster Village in Meszko, Transylvania (Romania). Rev. Bálint and his family visited UUCM on Palm Sunday, March 28, as guests at our service. They stayed for a potluck lunch and discussion.

2010-11 Balázs Scholar

Rev. Levente Lazar, minister of UUCM's partner church in Sovata, was this year's Balázs Scholar. UUCM held a fundraiser in April 2010 to help Levente raise funds to bring his family with him. He and his family (pictured below) arrived in August. Levente spoke at a UUCM Sunday service in October, sharing the pulpit with Rev. Chip Wright.

Levente and his family returned home in July 2011. They purchased a used car, towards which UUCM had contributed $1,560.

IMG 0311 LeventeChip levntegrad
Levente, Levente Jr.,
Reka and Erika
Revs. Levente and Chip
leading a UUCM service in 2010
Levente and family at
Starr King graduation in 2011