UUCM's Basket Share Program, a project of our Social Justice Committee, is one of many connections to our community. On six Sundays each year, we share our offering basket with another nonprofit organization that provides essential community services. Most recipients serve the Bay Area and are ones UUCM members and friends are directly involved with. This means that our collective Basket Share dollars make a big difference right here in our local community.

2016-17 Basket Share Schedule

  • Partner Church (in Sovata, Romania)
  • SparkPoint Marin
  • National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Want to nominate your favorite organization for a basket share? Email socialjustice@uumarin.org. Tell us the organization's name, briefly describe its work, and include a link to its website.

Our Basket Share Legacy

Congratulations, UUCM! Each year, we send approximately $2,000 to non-profit organizations that YOU suggest. Our goal is to increase our Basket Share contributions by 10%.

Partner Church (in Sovata, Romania), National Alliance on Mental Illness, Shriners Hospital for Children, Annabella's Gifts, National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Partner Church (in Sovata, Romania), Bicycle Works, OMA Village, Committee on the Shelterless , ELWA Ministries Association USA (Ebola, Liberia)

Partner Church (in Sovata, Romania), Insight Garden Program at San Quentin, Image For Success, Youth Enrichment Strategies, Huckleberry Youth Programs, Gallinas Watershed Council.

Partner Church (in Sovata, Romania), San Quentin Prison University Project, Novato Human Needs Center

Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailors, Spectrum, Community Institute for Psychotherapy, Helen Vine Center

Partner Church (in Sovata, Romania), Five 4 Five, Environmental Traveling Companions, Marin YMCA, Lifehouse, Young Imaginations, Autistry Studios, Canal Alliance

St. Vincent de Paul Society Emergency Shelter, Marin Abused Women's Services, Canal Alliance, Marin Humane Society, Marin Community Clinics, Cross Cultural Classrooms, and Partner Church (in Sovata, Romania).

Church of the Larger Fellowship, Marin Organic, The Iraqi Student Project, Young Imaginations, Respecting our Elders, Nonviolent Peaceforce, Marin Aids Project, UU Trauma Response Ministry, and Partner Church (in Sovata, Romania).

Questions about the Basket Share Program? Email the Social Justice Committee at socialjustice@uumarin.org.