Over the past few years UUCM has refined its email lists to better communicate with our members and friends. To keep communications simple and informative, we have established two lines of communication: UUCM Weekly e-Newsletter and UUCM Connect. Only the following representatives are authorized to send emails to these groups:

1. WEEKLY E-NEWSLETTER: (groupemail@uumarin.org)

This list consists of names and email addresses of UUCM members and pledging friends and is updated by the UUCM Administrator as changes occur. To this end, please send all additions, changes and deletions to the UUCM Administrator, preferably by email.

UUCM's weekly e-newsletter — your one-stop shop for UUCM announcements and activities. It is emailed to all list members each Thursday morning. To submit an announcement for the weekly e-newsletter, the deadline is 8 p.m. each Monday. Only members may submit items.

Visitors: Sign up to receive the weekly e-newsletter.

Our members agree to have their names included in our group e-mail list trusting that it will be used only to keep them informed about the business and workings of UUCM. The information on the list is not be used for commercial purposes or private interests. Therefore, group emails shall be limited to the following:
    • Notices of UUCM-sponsored events, meetings, or other activities which involve the entire congregation.
    • Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) or Pacific Central District (PCD) announcements of interest to the entire congregation.
    • Pastoral care concerns, such as weddings, births, illnesses, death notices or other personal information that is relevant to the congregation as a whole.
Additional submission guidelines for the weekly e-newsletter:
    • Submit articles in text only; one font.
    • Include basic event information: date, time, place, and cost (who/what/when/where/why).
    • News items should be less than 100 words; articles less than 250 words. Note that columns may link to the web after 2 paragraphs.
    • Links to items outside UUCM must be provided.
    • Flyers for UUCM events should be sent to the newsletter editor (groupemail@uumarin.org) and the webmaster (webmaster@uumarin.org).
    • The editor reserves the right to edit for length or content or postpone the article to the next week if it is not urgent.
e-Newsletter Deadlines:
    • 15th of each month - Sunday services
    • 20th of each month - all staff columns and committees
    • 8 p.m. each Monday - activities and announcements

Everything should be sent to groupemail@uumarin.org.


2. UUCM CONNECT E-MAILS: (uucmconnect@uumarin.org)

Sign up for this list by contacting the Connect List Administrator. This list allows UUCM members to sell, give, buy or trade goods or services or make referrals. Since email addresses are voluntarily submitted, list members are free to use it to announce these outside activities in which they are involved, such as birding, hiking, theater and museum visits, etc. We encourage you to sign up, but please use good judgment in using this list. We don’t send jokes or political opinions.

UUCM Connect emails are sent as items are submitted, attempting to combine them into one issue a week, rather than several throughout the week.

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