UUCM event coordinators: Use these guidelines to effectively promote the event you are coordinating.

No Later Than Two Months Before the Event:

1. Go to the UUCM Facility Calendar and check dates and room availability (Note: also check with any related committees who will be involved with event). Then e-mail the Administrator (office@uumarin.org) and ask her to put your event on the Facility Calendar. The Administrator needs to know:
    • Event Date
    • Approximate # of people
    • What room(s) will be needed (don't forget kitchen, courtyard, etc.)
    • Contact person for the event
    • Time for set up and start/end time for event

Please note: If the start reserve time for the event is not the same as the start time of event (for example a concert which needs set up time), please indicate the event start time and also the time that you need the room reservation to begin.

2. Write up a "Who, What, When, Where" for your course/event/workshop.

Send an article/announcement to UUCM's e-newsletter at groupemail@uumarin.org. The deadline is 8 p.m. on Monday before you want the article to appear. Copy the Webmaster (webmaster@uumarin.org) for inclusion on the UUCM website.

3. If you need to use the kitchen, locate the Use of the Kitchen binder (on top of the stove) for details on kitchen usage. View the Kitchen Rules.

Wider Community Event — If the event is for the wider Marin community as well as UUCM, contact the Public Relations Committee chair at least two months before your event, so that the committee can do this publicity for you.

Two Weeks Before Event:

1. Send the article/announcement again for posting in the e-newsletter (groupemail@uumarin.org). Deadline: 8 p.m. on Monday of each week.

2. By Wednesday, send a shortened announcement to the Administrator (office@uumarin.org) to be listed in the "Order of Service" announcements for two consecutive Sundays.

3. If you need microphones or sound engineering, contact the sound engineer coordinator.

4. Map to plan courtyard table seating.

For Your Information: The Webmaster (webmaster@uumarin.org) can also post PDF flyers on the UUCM webpage to help publicize your event. If you want information to be posted on our website BEFORE the weekly newsletter comes out, then cc: your newsletter article to the Webmaster (webmaster@uumarin.org). Otherwise, it will be put on the website when the weekly newsletter is published.

Prepared by the Communications Committee, March 2006
Revised 1/2010