I'm Ready! How Do I Become a Member?

Your Spiritual Path and UU

If you have questions about Unitarian Universalism or liberal religion in general, we have a class for you! These classes are informal, in a relaxed setting, and last about 2 hours.

We warmly encourage you to get to know our community here at UUCM and share your journey. A few members of our congregation and our minister are prepared to share stories and guide you in our faith traditions. Please RSVP to the Membership Coordinator (membershipcoordinator@UUmarin.org) if you are interested in attending one of the following sessions. Child care during the class can be arranged by emailing or calling Thomas Ervin (thomas.ervin@comcast.net) or call 415-717-3431 at least two weeks in advance of the class date.

Part A – This is the first of two sessions in a series. Part A focuses on an introduction to Unitarian Universalism and includes sharing of our religious history, our hopes, and reasons for joining our community at UUCM.  During this time we encourage attendees to share their spiritual path.  These classes are held on Sunday afternoons at 12:30 pm. This class is limited to 20 people.

Part B – This is the second of the two-part series. It is held in a member’s home on a Monday evening at 7 pm. An informal potluck dinner is included in this session. During this session we share information about UUCM’s program and activities. We let you know what is going on and how to get involved. This session is limited to 8 people.

New Member Sunday
During this occasion, those who have decided to become members of UUCM are formally recognized during a worship service. These occasions normally occur in June and December. They can be scheduled at another time by request.

Anyone can become a member at any time by meeting with our minister and signing the Membership Book. New members are also asked to make a financial commitment to UUCM.