Answer these 8 questions:
    1. Do I want to be part of a progressive, intergenerational, liberal spiritual community?

    2. Do I believe there are many paths to exploring spirituality?

    3. Do I believe atheism and agnosticism are valid perspectives?

    4. Do I want my children to freely explore and develop their own beliefs?

    5. Do I want to be part of the solution to social justice challenges such as homelessness?

    6. Do I want to help create a healthy planet?

    7. Do I believe all people should have the freedom to choose who they love?

    8. Am I interested in engaging in free and responsible search for meaning, purpose, value, and spiritual depth in my life?

If you answered Yes to some of these questions, UUCM might be the place for you! Learn more about Unitarian Universalism and our Seven Principles.