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Paintings by Edy Raby

Thoughts from the artist...

On Surrealism

The world of our dreams is not so far removed from the conscious world in which we move about daily. The same brain mediates both experiences, perhaps exercising different parts of our grey matter. Are dreams to be disregarded because they have no materiality? I believe that fact gives them more authority, not less, as mediators of our life experiences.

On Still Life

Things that interest me:
     the well worn tool
     the rusty nail
     the hand hewn object (which falls short of a refined finish)

These things bear the marks of time passing, they bear witness to an earlier decade or century. They are weathered; the elements of use, of wind and sun and rain, of heat and cold have marked them and so we read history into them. Perhaps we create a history, a narrative, that fits us because of what we see in the story of well worn objects.

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