Children begin to understand Unitarian Universalist (UU) principles, both in theory and practice, through our age-appropriate religious exploration classes. UU Principles for Children

During each Sunday's class, children explore religious and spiritual themes and spend time together to build community. Teachers help each child develop a personal search for truth and meaning through storytelling, art, music, drama, dance, writing, sharing, and play. Several times throughout the church year, special worship services are created by and for our children.


Volunteer nursery care is available during the 10:30 a.m. Sunday service. Children up to three years old are welcome.


Teachers lovingly guide our youngest students as they begin to learn about UU principles and traditions. Through play, stories, music, and art these little ones share laughter, friendship, and love.

Grades 1-3

Through storytelling, games, art, and outdoor explorations, these children learn about peace, kindness, acceptance, and caring for each other and our planet.

Grades 4-6

Children explore the seven UU principles and other religious traditions in depth through hands-on activities, service projects, and field trips.

Grades 7-8

Students come together to put their UU values into action, clarify their personal beliefs, and deepen their friendships with each other.

Grades 9-12

Visit the YRUU page.

Youth Choir

Children and youth ages 6 and up are welcome to join our Youth Choir! Learn More


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