Jeffrey Melcher MDivJeffrey (Jef) Melcher, M.Div., has a wealth of experience as an educator and a strong background in Unitarian Universalism. He discovered that he was a UU in 1989, when he visited a fellowship in Roseburg, Oregon. "I just knew I was in the place I should be. It took me a few weeks to settle in, but I had finally found my people."

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After completing his Masters of Divinity in 2008, he worked for the UU Legislative Ministry of California on issues such as marriage equality, the human right to water, and health care reform.

Jef first worked at UUCM in 2004 as a part-time intern while a student at the Pacific School of Religion. He gave a few sermons, supported our YRUU group and its leaders, and recruited a junior choir to sing at the YRUU bridging ceremony.

Since returning to UUCM in 2013, Jef has embraced his role as our Director of Religious Exploration (DRE). He knows religious exploration is a community effort and enjoys his work supporting and engaging this beloved community.

RE Committee: Our DRE is supported by dedicated volunteers on the Religious Exploration Committee. They help ensure a quality program for our children and youth. If you have a suggestion or wish to join the committee, contact the Director of Religious Exploration.

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