Fact, Fiction, and Faith 📶

a rock inscribed "hope"How do we find meaning in our lives, especially when facing death? This is a challenge for many of us all our lives. It is a question that arises for anyone who is suffering from depression. As with all deeply meaningful issues, we as UU’s are not given a pat answer. However, Unitarian Universalism can help, and the intention of this talk is to provide hope.
Rev. Dr. Jane Ramsey has a doctorate in ministry from the San Francisco Theological Seminary. She is recently retired from working as a hospice chaplain and is an affiliated community minister with the UU Church of Berkeley. She provides spiritual direction and facilitates workshops relating to death and dying, including such topics as Advance Directives, the California End of Life Options Act, and Writing Ethical Wills. She is certified in Grief and Loss through the UC Berkeley Extension Program, in Thanatology: Death, Dying and Bereavement through the Association of Death Educators and Counseling, and in Interfaith Spiritual Direction through the Chaplaincy Institute.