Topic: Standard Sunday Service

When we risk together…

What does it look like to take risks in community? What does it look like to take risks for community? Meg McGuire, a Masters of Divinity student at Starr King School for the Ministry, speaks to the power of reframing risk as a collective endeavor, … read more.

Love Risks 📶

I told you last month that I don’t know what love is. Someone challenged me after, suspecting that I knew more than I was letting on. Perhaps its more like what Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart said about a certain taboo subject: I don’t know … read more.

Missing the Mark 📶

If you’ve ever served on a committee here, or taken an RE class, or joined a small group, chances are you’ve made a covenant. We are practiced at naming our intentions, our high hopes for how we will be with one another. But what happens … read more.

There is No Away 📶

“We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality,” preached Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, and we are still coming to understand the depth of truth in his words. How does the radical understanding of interdependence that we are coming to know as truth impact … read more.

Part of Something Beautiful 📶

Unitarian Universalists celebrate that we are held together by covenant not creed—we share values and ways of being together, not a set of unchanging beliefs. But there is another, more elusive, element of covenant. The bright burning ember of common purpose. The pull of a … read more.

A Principled Path 📶

Rev Theresa Novak is an Affiliated Minister of UUCM.

Unitarian Universalist Congregations have covenanted (promised) to affirm and promote our seven principles. How do we do that, as a congregation and as individuals? What are the challenges? Even when we try very hard, sometimes we break … read more.

Overshadowed by Love 📶

This Sunday, we pause to reflect on the ancient mystery at the center of the traditional Christmas story. What can we learn from Mystery in our modern lives?

Rev. Emily Hartlief is a UU minister and Rev. Marcus Hartlief’s beloved spouse.

To Know the Dark 📶

As we near the longest night of the year, the universe invites us inward. Our holiday rituals lift up and celebrate the light, but they also point to a special wisdom that can come only from waiting in the dark.

One Foot in Front of the Other 📶

How am I ever going to get through the holidays? How will you ever finish that to do list? Not to mention, how are we ever going to solve our homelessness crisis and bring equity to our schools? And we haven’t even started talking about climate change. What … read more.