Standard Sunday Service

The (R)Evolution of Conscious Aging

There is a new and exciting story emerging about what it means to grow into our 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and beyond.  Counter to the ageist narrative dominating our society, many elders are claiming an emboldened empowerment of spirit, intellect, and humanity. Aging consciously, Elders are … read more.

The Saviors of God

Rich Panters’s sermon, “The Saviors of God,” traces his journey to becoming a UU Secular Humanist.

Following the Service, at 12:15 pm, he will be screening his 1-hour public TV documentary, “Divining the Divine,” in the UUCM Fireside Room. It explores the Temple Prize for … read more.

Risking Blossom, Emergent Hope

In today’s complex world, sometimes it can feel like things are “stuck” in gridlock, with little forward motion. Yet, this morning we consider: what is positively emerging? Can beauty be found even in brokenness? Are new possibilities for individual and collective empowerment unfolding? How, why, … read more.

Side With Love

Have you noticed that the word “unprecedented” has been used almost every day during the past year or so? We are witnessing an ugly time in our history when our country is very divided when the democratic norms and institutions that we hold dear are being threatened. It … read more.