Standard Sunday Service

Preparing to be Busy

In a culture awash with people suffering from chronic busyness, who has time for church? What makes this community worth your precious time?

Nothing Left at the Door

The social psychologist Mahzarin Banaji tells us that the mind is a “difference seeking machine.” What are the obstacles we face in following the age-old wisdom of welcoming the stranger?

The Thread You Follow

The spiritual path, or the journey of any human life, cannot be neatly drawn on a map. As I enter into this community, I want to share with you the thread that has brought me to you. With each of us following our unique … read more.

Traits of the Authentically Religious

Unitarian Universalists are part of what might be called the liberal faith tradition. You have a set of principles that you have identified and that you, in community with one another, seek to follow. As practitioners of Unitarian Universalism, you remind each other of these … read more.

Love, a Moving Sanctuary 📶

“Love is a sanctuary for us amid our doubts, fears, and suffering. We are called to love and protect each other, and when we do, we become moving sanctuaries fighting for justice. Just as Moses was called to do this work of bringing justice for … read more.

Participation Service

The Participation Service has its roots in the Quaker Meeting. There is quiet music with introductory words in the beginning, and quiet music at the end, but in between, the silence is broken only by individuals sharing thoughts and feelings that are significant to them. … read more.

When You Lose, You Gain 📶

This sermon grew out of a poem Lisa wrote that was widely appreciated. Many people have positive life changes when something “bad” happens in their lives. Lisa will talk about changes in her life from her experiences and in others’ and will explore why some … read more.