These are some traditional services unique to Unitarian Universalism in general and UUCM in particular:

Ingathering – after summertime, when ministers take time off for education and renewal, the congregation meets together to begin the new church year. In early September, we share water collected from our summer travels and the memorable events that occurred.

Stone Soup Service – this fall service focuses on the old story with many new twists and typically has a skit performed by youth on the story’s theme. A yummy soup and bread meal is shared by all.

Christmas Eve – Yes, UUs have a Christmas service, sometimes two or more. A traditional service is offered, and often a child-friendly service is held earlier.

Fire Communion (New Years) – This service celebrates the shedding of old and the ringing in of the new. Slips of paper with past memories are burned in a shared fire.

Flower Communion – A special UU tradition originally created in 1923 by Unitarian minister Norbert Capek of Prague, Czechoslovakia, the Flower Ceremony invites members to bring a flower to share, and in return to take a flower away. A simple dance is performed by the youth to welcome all the flowers collected in their baskets and then placed on the altar.

New Member Ceremony – we welcome new members periodically during the church year, and celebrate their joining. By signing the membership book and making a pledge, people commit to join the congregation, and the congregation in turn commits to supporting their membership.


Child Dedications – A new child is brought by parents to be welcomed to the family and congregation

Youth Coming of Age – As our youth transition through ages into adulthood, we recognize the significant milestones and eventually welcome them as adult members of the Congregation.

Weddings – see more about weddings on our facilities page.

Memorials and Life Celebrations – are held to remember loved ones.