Rev. Kurt Kuhwald

There is a new story emerging about what it means to grow old. Counter to the ageist narrative dominating our society, many elders are claiming an emboldened empowerment of spirit, intellect and humanity that can offer transformative engagement for this critical global moment. This morning, our speaker will draw from his own 74 years as well as from a dialogic community of Elders committed to conscious aging.

Rev. Kurt A. Kuhwald has served 7 congregations and 3 Community Ministries as a UU minister and has preached widely in the PCD. Conscious Eldering, Worker, Climate and Racial Justice are ministries that occupy his dedication now in his 74th year. Working with a community of active and conscious elders in the SF North Bay, he is excited about the emerging vision of elder living that is significant for all ages because it offers a new story of human development and transformation for these challenging times.

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