2021 Flower Communion Video!

Since we can’t yet gather in person for our annual flower communion service June 13, we invite you to create a short video of yourself “receiving” a flower and passing it on.

Please create a short video clip of you “receiving” a flower from your right side and then passing it to your left. Anise Feldman will connect these clips together to make one movie of us “passing” our flower through our virtual gathering, with a sound track of beautiful music by Christine Kraemer and Milton Wong. We would love to have everyone in the movie!

This is an example from the First Unitarian Church of St. Louis, of what our movie will look like.

Please read the instructions below.
Email your clip to anisefeldman@comcast.net ASAP, or by Wed. June 9.
If you need help making your video, email Christine Kraemer at redecho@comcast.net. She will connect you with someone from our video helper team! Video help may include visiting you at home if needed.

To record your video clip, you need a flower (if no flower, use a potted plant, a picture, or your own drawing of a flower) and a smartphone or webcam. If you don’t have either of these, email anisefeldman@comcast.net for help.

  • If you’re using a smartphone, make sure it is in the HORIZONTAL orientation!
  • Multiple members of your household? You can create a video clip of each person or squeeze everyone into one frame.
  • Sit or stand facing the camera, with your head and torso visible, holding the flower off-screen in your right hand.
  • Start the video recording.
  • Then bring the flower in your right hand slowly in front of you, as though you have just received it from someone sitting beside you. When the flower is in front of you, take just a second to admire the flower or smile at the camera!
  • Then pass the flower to your left hand and slowly move it off-screen to your left, as though you are handing it to the person sitting next to you.
  • Easy as can be! Your video clip is just a few seconds long.
  • Please send your video to Anise Feldman at anisefeldman@comcast.net ASAP (by June 9).