Board Meeting Agenda – March 2019

Note: Board Meeting Agendas are subject to change up until five days before the meeting.

UUCM Board of Trustees Agenda
Thursday, March 28, 2019
Meeting time: 6:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

Time Topic
6:00 PM Light Chalice     
Assign Timekeeper
Assign Process Observer

Standing Items
Approve February 2019 Board Minutes
Approve Consent Agenda:
o   Minister’s Report
o   Director of Family Ministries Report
o   Administrator’s Report + List of New Members
o   Committee Liaison Reports

Upcoming Key Dates 2019
March 31 New Member Welcome Ceremony
April 17 Executive Committee at 11:30 AM
April 17 Marketing Taskforce at 1 PM
April 25 Board meeting at 6 PM

Upcoming Leadership Council Meetings
May 11: 9-11 AM Fellowship Hall

Upcoming UU Congregation Meetings
May 19 at 12:15 PM Budget
June 2 at 12:15 PM Annual

Lockup Schedule
April Kat
May Susan
June Karen
Action Items:
1.Update from the Board President
2. Update from Minister: Hopes & Histories update; organizational structure innovations.
3. Fundraising Events: a. Kudos for Paella event 3/23; b. plans for 2019-20 fundraising as outlined by Lynne Scarpa
4. Update on Solar: Margaret
5. Status of Finances: Treasurer’s Report: Margaret
6. Second Service Opportunities: Planning issues: budget, RE, Music, Space, etc.
7. Long Range Planning Committee Ideas for Appointments: Kim & Dick, board; Doug Kerr (chair) + proposed members
8, Select Volunteer of the Month for February and March
9. Janice’s feedback on Governance and Ministry book.
10. New Business & Dates for Future Meetings
11. Annual Report Format Choices

Action Needed:

Report from Process and Time Observers
9:30 Adjourn