Send an email with the answers to the questions below, to Linda Haumann:

The Workshop presented a framework in the form of a hierarchy of needs for members to consider, with “Renewal” at the bottom, “Accessibility” in the middle, and “Enhancement” at the top.  Renewal could be things like seal the roof, new sliding doors, better security and repairs to the lower deck.  Accessibility could be things like an elevator to the lower level, a wider hallway, and new ADA compliance bathrooms.  Enhancement could be a modernized lower level to house an education center and community daycare, and a new more welcoming and spacious entryway to our building.

In small groups Workshop participants were asked the following questions:

  1. What is your initial reaction to the proposed, general framework (Renewal, Accessibility, Enhancement) for considering a capital project?
  2. What elements of UU Marin struck you the most the first time you visited?
  3. What would you like to see with the building and grounds 10 years from now?
  4. If you were to win the lottery or receive a large, unexpected inheritance, what would you want to fund as your first priority?
  5. What are the main challenges you foresee with a capital campaign, and how to overcome them?