Congregational Meeting, Feb. 7, Noon – 2 pm

Welcome via Zoom      


–       Board of Trustees

–       Staff

–       Leadership / Volunteers

–       Introduce members who’ve joined since October, 2020

Secretary Gretchen Leavitt to certify that a quorum of voting members is present. 

Approve minutes from October 11, 2020 Congregational Meeting

Opening remarks by the Board President, Ted Gaebler

–       Status of re-opening

–       Tech Committee progress

–       Progress on deck reconstruction, possible door from sanctuary

–       Volunteer church clean-up halted; hope to restart in March   

Remarks by the Minister, Rev. Marcus Liefert  

–       Update on Goal #5 – Narrative

–       Staff updates

–       Soul Matters groups

–       Volunteer opportunities

–       Opportunity to apply for Wesley fund grant

–       Opportunity to support PCD Chalice Lighter program

Present and explain RASCI chart and organizational chart

Election of two additional members of the Nominating Committee

Jan Seagrave to summarize work of the Nominating Committee
Current members are Jan Seagrave, Norm Davidson, and Sally Schroeder
Elect 2 new members to provide continuity:

–       Monique Webster for a term ending 6/30/23

–       Dick Park for a term ending 6/30/22.

Financial status for first six months of current fiscal year

Stewardship campaign

–       Launching 2021-22 Campaign on February 21

–       Pledge status for the current church year

Budget development calendar for 2021-22

–   Solicit congregational input while budget is being developed

–   Budget hearing Sunday, May 16, 2021

Updates from the Committees, Teams and Task Forces:

–       What’s happening on campus – Jim Harrison

–       Report from Adult Education committee – Kim Holscher

–       Report on Family Retreat Prospects – Thomas Ervin

Acknowledge volunteers of the month

November: Wendy Meluch, for creating the fall congregational survey

December: Katherine DaSilva Jain, for initiating and paying half the cost of refurbishing the front doors

January: Ray Meluch and David Haumann, for their leadership on the Technology team

February: Carol Kerr, for leading the Sunday Circle and facilitating the Board retreats

Open Discussion: what is the role of UUCM in dismantling systemic racism?

–       Invite conversation for education, leadership

2:00pm      Proposed adjournment time

3:30pm      Super Bowl starts


 Key Dates:

Review upcoming events  

                  Board meeting Thursday February 25, 2021

                  Board meeting Thursday March 25, 2021

                  Leadership Council meeting Saturday April 17, 2021

                  Annual Budget Workshop, Sunday May 16, 2021 

                  Annual Congregational Meeting, Sunday June 6, 2021

                           Elections and Budget adoption

                  UUA General Assembly will be virtual June 23 – 27, 2021