Congregational Midyear Meeting

By Kat Braeman, Board Secretary

A large crowd gathered at the UU Marin congregational meeting on February 10th to honor Milton Wong for his 25 years of music which has enlivened and enriched us. Rich Panter delivered a poetic tribute, and the choir, accompanied by Jerry Moore on piano and Christine Kraemer on flute, sang an original piece to Milton written by Jerry Moore.

The Social Justice leaders gave the annual “Side with Love” award to Sarah Tiederman for her leadership in feeding the homeless.

Julie Prentice accepting award
Julie Prentice accepting award

The Board gave leadership awards to the following volunteers: October: Joyce Tarlton, November: Norm Davidson, December: Ray Meluch; January: Jim Finn.

Julie Prentice received an Extraordinary Service Award in appreciation of the many leadership hats she has worn.

Rev. Marcus Harlief reported that “the state of the Congregation is strong.
Here are the steps we are taking or have taken:

1. Start-up workshop with Rev. Jan Christian in January was successful and helpful.
2. “Hopes and Histories” gatherings are scheduled so we can look to our past to inform our future.
3. Wendy Meluch and the Mission Task Force are exploring our vital burning spark.
4. Long-range planning is in the planning stages to build on our UU Mission work.
5.  Our Developmental Ministry goals include congregational growth. Sunday morning services are full.  How do we meet the challenge of a full parking lot and a full meeting room?

Risk Issue: What are our options: should we plan to add an additional Sunday morning service next year? More conversations are needed.

Solar Options
Treasurer Margaret Johnston reported on our positive financial situation and also on the process of assessing future solar options. If we do decide to go solar, how would we finance the projected $49K costs?  One option is a power purchase agreement with qualified investors where we would need a third party administrator.

A second option is taking a bank loan, as we have a $50K line of credit with Redwood Credit Union. We would then need to raise our line of credit to cover emergencies.  These options need further study and discussion.

Pledge Sunday will be March 10th. The next congregational meeting will be May 19th, to approve the 2019-2020 budget.