Members and pledging friends: Now is the time to renew your annual financial commitment to your congregation for the upcoming church year. We need your financial commitment every year to help our congregation thrive now and into the future.

Please agree to meet with a visiting steward to discuss what makes you proud of UUCM, what you would like to change, and where do you want to spend your time and talents to help our congregation thrive.

We are asking our members and friends to increase their pledge by 10% to support our mission and start to rebuild our endowment. We are asking that the average pledge be at least $2,000 per adult member.

When you meet with a steward you can fill out your pledge form and the steward will record your pledge with the office. If you choose to, you can set up electronic payments using the button below or fill out the EFT form that your steward will have when you meet with him or her.

Pledge NOW!

When do I pay?
Your financial commitment is due by March 31. Payments begin in the new fiscal year, which starts July 1.

Commitments due: NOW or by March 31, 2018
Payments occur: July 1 to June 30 each year

What are my payment options?
You may pay by:

    • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT): This is our preferred method. If you choose, UUCM will automatically withdraw your financial commitment payment from your checking account. We’ll still send you quarterly statements. Fill out an Authorization Form or PAY ONLINE.
      Having trouble? Email
    • Check: When you receive your statement(s) in the mail, send either a paper check or an electronic “check” through your online banking account.
    • Credit card: We accept this payment method for your convenience, but please note that UUCM is charged a transaction fee (about 2.75%) for each credit card payment. Fill out an Authorization form or PAY ONLINE.
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    • Securities Transfer: If you choose this option, please notify the UUCM administrator before the transfer occurs.

Pledge NOW!

Why do I need to make a new financial commitment each year?

According to church bylaws and good accounting practices, each member and pledging friend needs to make a commitment to support UUCM each year. We cannot assume that you intend to commit the same amount every year.

As the poet Carl Sandberg once said:

“You can’t go tramping from church to church to fulfill your obligations … It is our obligation as members of one church to give ourselves to it. You’ve got to feel that you are part of the greatest organization on earth that is going to outlast all the rest of them. You’ve got to feel the importance of your own individual participation in its life. The church is the only hope of peace and good will to all … It’s the last hope of the earth, and yours is a high and holy opportunity to support it with undeviating loyalty.”

Remember, your financial commitment is due by March 31:

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