Stimulating Sunday services with inspiring music. Quality religious education for children and adults. An inviting, sacred space. A welcoming community. These are among the many gifts that UUCM offers to all who come here.

When you become a member or pledging friend, we ask for an annual financial commitment to support and sustain this ministry. Financial commitments are renewed each year in March.

To make a financial commitment to UUCM online or to print a commitment form, visit our Pledge Drive page.

How will my annual commitment be used?
To ensure a vibrant and sustainable spiritual community that continues to offer the gifts our members and pledging friends value. Your annual commitment also helps to further the values of our liberal tradition, such as serving people in need and working toward global peace and a healthy planet.

UU Marin Sources of Income
UU Marin Sources of Income

How much should my annual commitment be?
Each person is asked to make a financial commitment that is as generous as your personal circumstances allow. See the Fair Share Giving Chart.

It takes an average pledge of $2,000 per adult member or friend to sustain our congregation. If you have made a financial commitment in the past we graciously ask that you increase your pledge by 10%, because the current giving does not fully fund our current ministry and programs without substantially using our endowment reserves.

Why make a financial commitment to UUCM?
The answer to this question is unique and personal to each individual. We encourage UUCM members and pledging friends to make a gratitude list of all the gifts that you receive from UUCM. In that list, you will find the reasons for your financial commitment.

Are my annual financial contributions tax-deductible?
Yes. UUCM is a 501(c)(3) organization. Our Tax ID number is
94-1513376. Consult your tax professional for more details.