Through our ASD program, we offer a variety of workshops, discussion groups, presentations, and events designed to support and enhance the life-long spiritual explorations of our members.  Our offerings encourage participants to open their minds and hearts to new understandings, to share their diverse experiences with one another, and to engage in compassionate action outside of the congregation.  We invite you to join us in the pursuit of our congregational mission: To inspire joy and justice in an imperfect world. 

In our group sessions, we address such topics as: 

  • Aging in Wisdom and Grace
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Memoir Writing as Spiritual Practice
  • Writing One’s Ethical Will
  • Deep Listening 
  • Conversations that Promote Peace
  • Systemic Injustice 
  • Theology in Our Everyday Lives 

A result of the ASD program has been the formation of the Esteemed Elders Mentoring Program, a team of experienced members who are available for listening, mentoring, and advising.

ASD is also offering ONGO, a 12-week small group experience starting September 11, 2022, on mindfulness, deep listening, and non-violent communications. Read more here: ONGO Overview

Watch the weekly newsletter for announcements about ASD group sessions.