Adult Religious Education

Our Adult RE program offers a variety of offering for members of the UUCM community.

Mission Statement

The Adult Education Committee is dedicated to offering programs that provide for the exploration of spirituality, intellectual and emotional growth, and the life skills development of the UUCM community through a variety of opportunities to gather and learn from each other.

Education Programs

Past education opportunities that have been offered:

  • “Bible Stories for Skeptics”
  • “UU Roots” – a reading group dedicated to exploring our roots
  • Transcendentalism

Other educational opportunities under the umbrella of Adult RE are the Small Group Ministry program, Affinity Groups, and the “Remarkable People” series, where two members of the congregation share their lives with us.

Adult Ed also collaborates with the Worship Committee to allow Sunday Speakers to chat with Congregants and host more in-depth discussions with those speakers. These “Talk Abouts” provide an opportunity for those interested in diving deeper into the sermon subject. They are typically held after the Sunday Service.

The Adult Education Committee wants your ideas! Tell us if you:

  • have a great idea for an Adult Education class,
  • have questions about our Adult Education program, or
  • want to join the Adult Education committee.

Contact the committee: