Our elementary school age group has been dubbed the “Creative Compassionates”. At this age, children begin to understand Unitarian Universalist (UU) principles, both in theory and practice, through our age-appropriate Religious Exploration classes.

During each Sunday’s class, children dive into discussion of religious and spiritual themes and spend time together to build community. Teachers help each child develop a personal search for truth and meaning through storytelling, art, music, drama, dance, writing, sharing, and play. Several times throughout the church year, special worship services are created by and for our youth.

This 2017-2018 church year, this age group has been using a Social Justice curriculum named “Harry & UU”. They are fighting the wrongs (Horcruxes) of Illiteracy, Hunger, Hatred, Child Slavery and Environmental Negligence. They also have interviewed “Spirits of UUCM” to learn about former members who helped shape our UU Congregation of Marin. Activities have included a Food Drive, a Used Book drive, and sale of Fair Trade chocolate ( chocolate not made with forced child labor).