New Book by Terry Lucas

The Thing Itself is an extraordinary collection of poetry and photography by poet Terry Lucas and photographer Gary Topper. In the words of Lorna Stevens, artist and former teacher at Columbia University: “It’s as if the words and pictures join together to create a new relationship, neither dependent upon the other, each enhanced by the partnership.” According to Wendy Barker, Poet-in-Residence and the Pearl Le Winn Endowed Chair at the University of Texas at San Antonio, “This is a rich collection infused with wise and musical questionings, one that a reader will want to return to again and again.”

The author of four previous poetry collections, Terry Lucas’s poetry and nonfiction has appeared in scores of national and international journals. His numerous awards include the 2014 Crab Orchard Review Featured Poet Award, two Littoral Press Broadside Awards, and seven Pushcart Prize nominations. Terry is Poet Laureate Emeritus of Marin County, California, a regular speaker at the University of California’s MFA Program, and a free-lance poetry coach. More about him and his work can be found at
A native Californian and an intrepid traveler, Gary Topper began his photographic journey in the 1960s, eventually traveling to sixty-five countries where he photographed the people, places, and cultural events of the worlds he visited. Upon retiring from his wine business he pursued his passion for photography as an art form. Recognition of his work includes Best of Show at the Marin County Fair, a one person show at the Throckmorton Gallery titled The Faces of Cuba, and many additional awards and group showings.
The Thing Itself Poems by Terry Lucas ~ Photographs by Gary Topper.
Now available from Longship Press.