Gifts of God

450 years ago the Edict of Torda proclaimed that faith is “the gift of God”. That was the beginning of Unitarianism in Transylvania. What is the heritage which was given to us from our family, our faith, and our communities?  Are we aware of all these?  Let’s find the gifts that connect us to each other.

I grew up in Kolozsvár and studied at the Protestant Theological Institute where I became a Unitarian minister. I am the Religious Education teacher at the János Zsigmond High School, a 450-year-old Unitarian school. For the last eight years, most of my work was related to children, youth and a variety of educational issues.  I believe in the importance of education and I love my work with the students.

I have an active life including bicycling and hiking on long trips. I like to call myself an optimistic person. And I feel that I like to deal with people, work with and for them and help them. I believe that each decision and all the options in my life came by the hand of providence and I am grateful for my life.