Beauty, Truth and Goodness 📶

Tree with sunlight shining through

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For Unitarian Universalists, it is not a stretch to think of beauty, truth, and goodness as blessings. Certainly, they are concepts we value. We affirm and promote “a free and disciplined search for truth and meaning.” And we hold up and honor the life-affirming, life-giving power of beauty and goodness in their many forms. Today we explore the ways these concepts manifest in our lives and help us grow individually and collectively as we pursue and practice them.

Dave Hudson was born and raised in New England, the son of a liberal Methodist minister and the daughter of his father’s favorite professor at Boston University School of Theology. He met Kate at Bowdoin College in Maine. They were married in 1976, the year he began his working life at a small private school in Concord, Massachusetts (across the Concord River from Ralph Waldo Emerson’s house) where he taught 4th graders the three Rs and nature. Although he loved that work, he left it to earn a living wage, joining a big forest products company that moved their growing family around the country, eventually to its headquarters in Atlanta, where they spent the next thirty years. He finished his business career in his own small company, exporting paper to Mexico. Along the way in 1981, they found Unitarian Universalism in Geneva, Illinois. They have been active members of four UU congregations, all of which have been central to their lives. Last December, they moved to Pacheco Valle in Novato from the lovely coastal town of Beaufort, South Carolina in December, a place they had thought would be their last stop in retirement, lured by their three sons and their families, who all live in the Bay Area.

Here they are involved with Marin Audubon, the UC Climate Stewards program, the Novato Baylands Stewards, and UU Marin, of course. Dave has been a lifelong birder who enjoys being in nature in many ways—hiking, sailing, kayaking, skiing.

Join us with David Hudson, Worship Leader and Sondra Schwartz, Worship Associate, in person in Fellowship Hall and on Zoom.