Curiosity May Have Killed the Cat….But It Continues to Cure Me 📶

Growing up in small town USA, I heard the phrase, “Curiosity killed the cat,” with frequency. I understood this to mean that curiosity was bad and I should mind my own business. However, as I have aged, I have discovered that curiosity not only allows me to discover more about others, but it enables me to stay humble. Come to find out why.

Becky Leyser is a spiritual director whose theology inspires her to provide a mirror to people looking to find the next, best step for themselves—for a specific situation, as a pathway out of or into, or just as a general way of being. Becky believes that we are all imbued with a spark of the Divine and it is our life work to breathe into that spark to make it bigger. Building this spark to a flame provides us with a relationship to the Divine while also providing us with a moral compass. If spiritual direction is interesting to you, reach out to Becky at