Goddess: When She Rules

Throughout history female deities have been worshiped in many different cultures and religions as the dominant deities of the time. Whatever their names, it was true that they were Mother Goddesses who held equal or higher place than male deities of that era. As time passed, male Gods became dominant in many religions and cultures. Today, Goddess worship is increasing around the world. Is this a time when Goddesses can “rule” and what would that mean? How has this worship changed over time and what does it mean for Unitarian Universalists today?
A Unitarian Universalist for twenty years, Julie has been writing poetry for most of her life. From the East Coast originally, she now lives in California with her soulmate and their furry companion. After careers as an ASL interpreter and preschool teacher, she is currently working as a passionate Peer Supporter of persons with mental health challenges. In her spare time, she’s a writer, knitter, crafter, and singer.  Her work has also been published in several poetry anthologies and online journals and blogs. Currently she chairs the worship Associates at UUCM.