Judging Women for Being Themselves: Applying UU Principles 📶

stereotypes vs open mindedness

What generalizations do we tell ourselves about women’s ways; how are certain images entrenched in our minds; what risks do we face to confront this; what part do we each play in gender justice? Our UU principles may help us clarify, renew and even change our thinking.

Glynda Christian comes from the Boston area (Winchester & Cambridge) with extensive involvement in the Unitarian effort there. Bachelor’s in linguistics and modern languages, teaching certifications in several content areas and levels, Master’s Degree in Multicultural Education, Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science, and doctoral coursework, ABD. As a curriculum developer, she has written curricula for students from elementary level up through college. As a library director and reference librarian, she loves the printed word. As a lifelong UU, her interest in utilizing and understanding the role of the seven principles in our lives is central.

Juliet Christian-Smith, lifelong UU, was raised on the East Coast and moved to California to pursue a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley. She previously worked for the Union of Concerned Scientists and is now Senior Program Officer for the Water Foundation. Author of several books and recently elected to her local wastewater district board, frequent conference lecturer and occasional assistant in Wee Ones’ class. Mommy to Phoebe.