Love, a Moving Sanctuary 📶

“Love is a sanctuary for us amid our doubts, fears, and suffering. We are called to love and protect each other, and when we do, we become moving sanctuaries fighting for justice. Just as Moses was called to do this work of bringing justice for the Israelites in Egypt, we are being called to do the work of loving, supporting and fighting for justice for our neighbors who are being persecuted.”

Ashley is the Marin Interfaith Council intern and a Master of Divinity student at San Francisco Theological Seminary. She is anticipating graduation in 2019 and is interested in providing pastoral counseling and focusing on social justice issues. She is a Trenton, NJ native with her Bachelor of Science in Print Journalism from North Carolina A&T State University, and her Master of Arts in Management from the Wake Forest School of Business. She has experience working with youth and in nonprofit environments.

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