The Planetary Person 📶

How do you describe an ideal graduate of our educational systems? A person aware of the broad view, the long-term effects of personal and collective choices, the value of intrinsic experience—a new kind of person: the Planetary Person. This is what Jerry Moore, through his teaching career, hoped to create.

Twenty-five years ago, Dr. Jerrold Moore was given the College of the Redwoods’ Portugal Award, which acknowledges excellent instructors. A native Californian, Jerry graduated from Humboldt State University in 1952, with a major in Music Education. He first taught music in local schools, then at the College of the Redwoods, teaching music theory, piano, ensembles, and jazz classes recreating the music of the big band era.

During his doctoral work at Kent State University in Ohio, Jerry focused on music systems around the world and their role in society, and the concept of The Planetary Person emerged. He traveled extensively, learned about cultures where the primary use of music was to reinforce connections to nature and started a collection of musical instruments from world cultures. He retired in 1999 after producing a week-long symposium on Art-Nature, The Heart of the Matter.