Speaker: Rev. Marcus Hartlief

Bless The Imperfect

Happy Imperfect Mother’s Day! Mothers are imperfect. All parents, all people are imperfect. Our families and communities are imperfect. Our whole world is especially imperfect right now. How do we love and bless all this imperfection? Today is another chance to embrace the messy journey … read more.

And All Her People One 📶

We celebrate the 50th Earth Day with people around the world in an unprecedented moment in human history. As the challenging truth of our radical interdependence rocks our daily lives, we reflect on our role in a global struggle for a just and verdant world. … read more.

A Shelter of Memory 📶

Ten plagues, forty years in the desert, one wild woman with a tambourine. Three crosses and a cave, one stone rolled away. We tell ancient stories and remember old rituals in a time of tremendous change and uncertainty this year. How can the traditions of … read more.