Speaker: Rev. Marcus Hartlief

The Opposite of Worry 📶

Curiosity can be a spiritual practice that unlocks hearts and opens doorways to connection and understanding. How can we practice radical curiosity as an antidote to the modern tribalism plaguing our culture?

Gods, Saints, and Superheroes 📶

Three words for mothers? Three ways of personifying our inner and outer experience? Three reasons you don’t go to a different church (or maybe just two)? Put on your curiosity cap as we wonder why the latest Marvel movie is the biggest blockbuster ever and … read more.

Into the Desert 📶

As we enter the season of Passover, we recall an ancient story of wandering in the wilderness. Resist as we might, we all end up spending time in the desert. How do make meaning amidst the suffering of this journey?

Exorcising Descartes

Western civilization has long embraced
a dualistic approach to philosophy. This approach has given us the notion of a mind/body split, exemplified by Descartes’ famous justification of his own existence: “I think, therefore I am.” What will it take to heal this age-old … read more.

The Physicality of Grace 📶

Grace is another of those “Wounded Words” that’s been used to cause spiritual harm. It was the Calvinist understanding of Grace that inspired the theological stances of early Unitarians and Universalists. What might our physical experience of grace—as in “graceful”—have to say about the
theological … read more.

A Time for Every Purpose

This Sunday we celebrate the Spring Equinox with an all ages Story Service! The whole service will be multigenerational as we weave ritual, storytelling and spontaneous creativity to tell the ancient Greek tale of Demeter and Persephone. What meaning can we mine from this old … read more.

Flow From Me Like a River 📶

Why is money so hard to talk about? Let’s celebrate Stewardship Sunday with real talk about the challenge of holding onto our integrity around money in our society. What helps us to live a financial life in full alignment with our values?

The Tools that Shape Us 📶

As the rate of technological advance skyrockets, people in our country report more  overwhelm and anxiety in their lives than ever. How do we balance the benefits technology offers with the needs of the human spirit?