Speaker: Rev. Marcus Hartlief

A Shelter of Memory 📶

Ten plagues, forty years in the desert, one wild woman with a tambourine. Three crosses and a cave, one stone rolled away. We tell ancient stories and remember old rituals in a time of tremendous change and uncertainty this year. How can the traditions of … read more.

The Wisdom of the Mind 📶

Friedrich Schleiermacher was a 19th century German theologian who is largely viewed as the father of modern liberal theology—that is to say theology that roots itself in something other than creed and dogma. Contemporary UU theologian Thandeka finds answers to the critiques of Schleiermacher’s “Affekt … read more.

The Wisdom Of The Body 📶

This month we explore what it means to be a people of Wisdom through a sermon series reflecting on the wisdom of four facets of our being: Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit. To begin, we ask what wisdom has your body shared with you lately? … read more.

With Hands Outstretched 📶

We celebrate the role of our community in our lives this week as we kick off our stewardship campaign and conclude our month exploring resilience. What gifts have we received from being a part of this congregation? What gifts do we hope to leave for … read more.

When the Going Gets Tough 📶

Our journeys are full of challenges that test our resilience and force us to confront the bedrock values and core questions of our lives. They say, “if you’re going through hell, keep on going.” But what is it that keeps us
going through the hardest times?

Looking Back, Looking Forward 📶

Seventy years ago, the first meeting of the Unitarian Fellowship of Marin was held. A lifetime has passed since that first gathering in 1950, and our congregation has seen generations come and go. As we envision how to build our power to inspire joy and … read more.