Speaker: Rev. Marcus Hartlief

The Ancestor’s Breath 📶

Death is one of the topics our attention often tries to avoid, almost like a magnet repelled by an opposing charge. But those who practice holding death in compassionate awareness describe finding themselves at greater ease in life. In this time when cultures around the … read more.

The House of Belonging

Please note that UUCM will be open for both services on Sunday, October 27 regardless of possible power outages.
Whose are you? To whom or what do you belong? Our human journey calls us on a lifelong dance of togetherness and aloneness. Our … read more.

Return Again 📶

This Sunday, we gather between holy days— between Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement, and what has come to be known as Indigenous People’s Day.

The circle of belonging is broken time and time again, from the smallest circle of our own lives and families … read more.

Serving with Grace 📶

In our tradition we have a multitude of beliefs and practices—we celebrate many paths! And we share a common path, the shared spiritual practice of community. But community is one of those words that glows with warmth and beauty in theory but can be thorny … read more.

The Faith of a Baby Donkey 📶

Faith can be one of those challenging words for Unitarian Universalists. But what if faith isn’t about believing in the unbelievable, but instead an act of courageous hope in the face of ultimate uncertainty? Christian preachers of the “Prosperity Gospel” and New Age pop-theology movements … read more.

Become a Theologian 📶

Things don’t always go as planned and if you really let it in, reality has a nasty habit of defying expectations. What do we do in the moments when what is clashes with how we think it should be? Can we let the unexpected lead … read more.

Hope Within History 📶

Last Spring, about half the congregation participated in a series of listening circles to reflect on the history of this community and share hopes and dreams for our future. This Rev. Marcus will share his reflections on those conversations and try to answer the questions, … read more.

Old Turtle and the Broken Truth

Join us for ingathering Sunday as we celebrate coming together at the beginning of our new church year with our ritual of water and stones! In this intergenerational service, we will sing, play and make meaning together as we tell the story of a broken … read more.

Sun, Sweat and Skipping Stones

The end of the season draws near. School resumes, and many of us just now begin to look ahead, planning for schedules and holidays in the months to come. Yet summertime dreams of rivers and trails, of road trips and festivals, still linger among us. … read more.

Waking Up from the American Dream

As we celebrate the 4th of July, many of us find ourselves wrestling with the good, the bad and the ugly of our country’s culture and role in the world. Can we celebrate independence as we yearn to live into a deeper practice of interdependence?