Thoughts on UU General Assembly ’21 from your Delegates

Thank you all for trusting us to represent UUMarin at the 2021 virtual GA.  We gathered in fellowship with 4,000 UUs – some from far-off cities and states, some from just around the corner. We attended business sessions and worship services and lectures and open discussion groups. We connected one-on-one with others working in their communities to advance the values of our chosen faith. We came away feeling both exhausted and energized, overwhelmed and determined, humbled and hopeful. 

Here are some things we learned that we wanted to share with you:  

  • We are part of a much larger community of people with more than enough resources and energy to have a powerful impact on our world. Together we have a voice – a voice that can shape the future. 
  • Anything is possible if we commit to it. And if it doesn’t come to fruition the way we planned, it doesn’t mean we failed. It may just mean we need to take a different tack. 
  • Following the example of those visionaries and activists who came before us, our task is to make Unitarian Universalism a force for good today and well into the future.
  • We don’t do everything right, but we keep trying. We are learning to move “at the speed of trust.” There’s always something more to learn.
  • No one ever said truly living our UU faith would be easy.

Thomas Ervin, Gretchen Leavitt, Rev. Theresa Novak, Mary Gilstrap, Ann Carden