Topic: Standard Sunday Service

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Seventy years ago, the first meeting of the Unitarian Fellowship of Marin was held. A lifetime has passed since that first gathering in 1950, and our congregation has seen generations come and go. As we envision how to build our power to inspire joy and … read more.

And Lead with Love

“There are some things in our nation and in our world to which I’m proud to be maladjusted,” spoke Martin Luther King, Jr. as he addressed the Unitarian Universalist General Assembly of 1966. As we honor the modern prophet’s birthday, we remember his moral vision … read more.

To Make a Promise, to Break a Promise 📶

Have you found 10 new habits of positivity to finally change all the worst things about yourself and fix your relationship/kids/work in three easy steps on your road to health, fitness, financial freedom and human perfection? No? As our culture plunges into its annual ritual … read more.

It’s a Tight Rope 📶

Where in our lives do we see opportunities to make a choice? What decisions go into making that choice? When do we choose in love, when do we choose in pain? What is the thread of difference?

Jordan Decker is a national and international speaker, nonprofit … read more.

The Return of the Sun 📶

It is so ordinary and natural that the days stop getting shorter and the light returns. Living in our world of ubiquitous artificial light, can we still share in the awe that solstice has brought to people throughout time and place? We celebrate the returning … read more.

In Awe of Yourself 📶

We name that each night a child is born is a holy night, each child born one more redeemer. We look into the eyes of a baby and we are reminded, at a level deeper than words, of the inherent goodness, the inherent sacredness of … read more.

Looking for a Sign 📶

Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual, they say. But that doesn’t stop us from searching for one. Humans have always made meaning and found messages in the world around us. Have you ever followed a star in the East?

How Much Do We Deserve? 📶

In an age of growing economic inequality, it is tempting to pay attention to what others have. Perhaps we would do better to attend to what we already have, even beyond our deserving. Thanksgiving season is surely a good time to strip away any sense … read more.

It’s Not All in Your Head 📶

Our annual retelling of the Stone Soup story is an opportunity to connect over hot soup, to be playfully reminded of deep truths in a silly story, and to feel the call again to live lives of generosity. As we reflect on Attention this month, … read more.