Topic: Standard Sunday Service

Computer, End Program! 📶

The past few months have had a feeling of unreality about them, like a collective bad dream. Life in these times seems fraught with danger: fires near us have taken lives, devastated communities and darkened our skies, a wild new virus is sickening millions, claiming … read more.

A Road Always Beckoning

There is a tension in our spiritual journeys between the call to move onward and the call to move inward; a tension between the call to accept ourselves just as we are, where we are, and the call to grow, evolve, become. As we live … read more.

With That Sweet Moon Language 📶

The influential psychologist Marshall Rosenberg taught that all people ever say is please and thank you. These fundamental currents of life energy are sometimes hidden deep beneath the crash and roar of our everyday struggles and strife, sometimes obscured by the eddies and whirlpools of … read more.

Faith in Uncertainty

The mind resists dwelling in the state of not knowing. We unconsciously make up stories, fill in gaps, cling to old beliefs in order to protect ourselves from the frightening experience of uncertainty. As we navigate these times, we are called on to live with … read more.

Clearing the Air 📶

Ocean winds swept our skies clean, for a few days at least, this week. In the Jewish tradition, this time of the New Year, Rosh Hoshana, brings with it sacred winds, ready to sweep away all the spiritual smog we have gathered over the past … read more.