Topic: Standard Sunday Service

The School of the Dead

In this moment that we are alive, death is all around us. Yet many of us have inherited a death-phobic orientation to life that undermines the ability to be present with mortality.

Each death—literal or symbolic, intimate or anonymous, violent or kind—is an opportunity to review … read more.

The Alchemy of Making

The world is full of beauty, but there is no limit to how much can be made. The ability to create, to make more beauty, is a part of our human birthright. So why can it be so challenging? And how do those of us … read more.

The Language of the Flowers

Flower Communion is a uniquely UU ritual, a celebration of the beauty of life and diversity in all its forms. As we honor this tradition today, we are reminded that our world is again in need of our radical vision of one interdependent earth family. … read more.

Listening for the Love Song

We live in a world so full of voices and noise that make it hard to hear anything above the din. But beneath all the noise, the universe is singing a love song. The ancient “Song of Songs” from the Hebrew Bible calls us … read more.

The Opposite of Worry 📶

Curiosity can be a spiritual practice that unlocks hearts and opens doorways to connection and understanding. How can we practice radical curiosity as an antidote to the modern tribalism plaguing our culture?

Gods, Saints, and Superheroes 📶

Three words for mothers? Three ways of personifying our inner and outer experience? Three reasons you don’t go to a different church (or maybe just two)? Put on your curiosity cap as we wonder why the latest Marvel movie is the biggest blockbuster ever and … read more.

The Curious Thing about Being Curious 📶

The message is about knowing ourselves deeply. About living deeply and authentically as to whom our Creator called us to be. We are called to “Know Thyself” and Love our neighbor.

Jordan Decker is a National/International Speaker, Nonprofit Founder, and Accidental Activist. Having known the … read more.

Diet of Torda – 1568

In 1568 the Edict of Torda proclamation in Transylvania was the first of its kind in history; the right for individuals to believe and worship according to their own understanding; for clergy to preach and teach the Gospel as they too, understood it. This … read more.