Two Great Opportunities to Serve UUCM

Dear Ones,
This week we take up a new monthly theme: What does it mean to be a people of Wholeness? Wholeness is paradoxically something that is already that state of things, inherent in our nature, and something we long for and aspire to, a goal of the spiritual journey. The Sufi practice of worship is called dhikr which can be translated “remembrance.” I love the idea that rich and meaningful spiritual experience, moments of awe and inspiration, of grief and surrender, that these moments are about remembering something we’ve already known, remembering a truth that has always lived within us. And perhaps our pursuit of wholeness is this way, remembering, again and again, the wholeness of our lives that is already present.

I do believe remembering our wholeness is one of the most important functions of a community like ours. People come to our congregation seeking to find human wholeness reflected back to them. As we welcome new members into our community and prepare to welcome others seeking what we have here who have not yet crossed the threshold of our doors, it’s important to remember that people come here seeking wholeness, not committee membership! Joining a committee in our congregation can be a deeply meaningful experience, but only if it serves in our pursuit of wholeness, rather than one more pull at us in the frenzied pace of modern life. This is the heart of our work on Mission, and the work on planning and organizational structure that we will take up in its wake: to ensure that “how we do church” serves the wholeness of our lives.

If it would serve your wholeness, and perhaps even bring you joy, to strengthen the heart of our community, there are two opportunities to serve I would invite you to consider:

Become a Greeter, Usher or Connector
We are hosting an appreciation and training for current and future Greeters and Ushers. We are also gathering people for a new role, Connectors, who will reach out to folks after they have visited with us, let them know about opportunities to connect, and continue to follow up with them until they’ve become integrated into our community (or decide it’s not the right fit). 

If you are interested in becoming an Ushers, Greeters or Connector, you are invited to stay after the service on April 14th. We’ll provide lunch and offer a short training as we prepare for our next program year. RSVP to me if you plan to be there.

Become a Worship Associate or Lead a Summer Service
We are seeking interest from those who like to help lead Sunday services! Being a Worship Associate is a rich and powerful way to deepen your experience of Unitarian Universalism as we work together to craft services throughout the year. Summer is a wonderful opportunity to offer a message or lead a different kind of creative service if there’s something you’ve always wanted to share with the community.

The Worship Associates and I have created an interest form to clearly explain the expectations of these roles and invite those interested to reflect on a few questions as you consider serving in these roles. Please don’t be intimidated by the process, we would love to have your gifts involved in the worship life of our community!

Worship Associate interest form
Google doc:

Summer Leader interest form
Google doc:

With you on the journey,
Rev. Marcus Hartlief