UU Marin Board Matters

Kat Braeman, Secretary, UUCM Board of Trustees

The Board focuses on current issues and long-term planning.  With our new minister, we are discussing mutual Developmental Goal Benchmarks for the first year — mission, engagement, planning, finances, narrative.  Plan to attend the key October 21st Congregational Meeting to get an update and to have input. Please let Karen Auroy know ASAP if you need childcare: karen.h.auroy@gmail.com.

We celebrate all of the leaders in our community with our designated “Volunteers of the Month.”  Come see who is in the spotlight for July, August, and September.

Our Policies and Procedures provide the underpinnings to our structure as a community.  After nine months of review, the Board has finalized this document which is posted on the website: https://uumarin.org/members/policies-and-procedures/

Policies are listed by focus areas—Board Matters, Congregation Matters, Facilities Matters, and Financial Matters.  Many thanks to prior Veep Thomas Ervin and current Veep Janice Prochaska for being the guiding oars to manage and motivate our attention to these issues.

Very good news from Treasurer  Margaret Johnston that we ended the last congregation year in the black — a major achievement and reflects the commitment and generosity of members as 96% of the pledges made were received!  Onward!