November 5, 2022

The Youth Advisor will be a part-time employee of UU Marin for a period that begins January 8, 2023, and continues until June 9, 2023 with an annual option to extend employment the following year, to be discussed after each spring evaluation.  The position’s salary for this time period is $5760.00 based on the rate of $20.00/ hour. 

  • 10 hours per week starting January 8th thru June 9th on morning programs, congregational meetings, and marketing programs
  • 6 hours per month for teen programs (usually on Saturdays) January to May.
  • 3 hours per month on special projects assisting Director of Family Ministries
  • 20  hours on 2 weekends in January to asWesist OWL teachers in 10-12th grade

The Youth Advisor will be a member of a Religious Exploration (RE) team lead by the Director of Family Ministries. Together the team is responsible for the implementation of a religious exploration program for and with youth that fosters and promotes Unitarian Universalist values, youth empowerment, spiritual growth, social justice, lifelong friendships and community engagement.

Specific duties of the Youth Advisor include:

  • Create and execute programming with the RE  team that engages the imagination, develops spiritual  and ethical resources, enhances knowledge of the world’s religious landscape, and cultivates identity as Unitarian Universalists for youth in preschool to 12th grade.
  • Assist RE team in providing high quality Sunday Morning Programs for youth that aligns with the Family Ministries Team’s vision, mission, and goals.
  • Provide activities and supervision at monthly teen events, quarterly family events, and congregational meetings.
  • Coordinate and promote teen events with other congregations
  • Communicate regularly with families of all youth through weekly parent newsletters and congregational newsletter.
  • Integrate social action opportunities into programming for  teens in collaboration with the Director of Family Ministries
  • Promote Family Ministry Programs on UU Marin website with updated videos, upcoming activities, and photos of recent events.
  • Participate in weekly staff meetings and semi-annually staff retreats.
  • Participate in planning and executing quarterly intergenerational services.
  • Ensure RE space is attractive, safe, and reflects the congregation’s values
  • Work with RE team to maintain religious exploration resources, including supplies, reference materials, and books.
  • Assist Director of Family Ministries with projects as needed 

Benefits of the Youth Advisor position include:

Two weeks of study leave will be offered during the first 6 months of employment where the Youth Advisor will not be expected to conduct programming on that Sunday or produce programing on either the prior week or the following week. 
Five weeks of study leave will be offered on an annual basis (early fall, late fall, between Christmas and New Year’s Day, late Winter, and spring).

Sick leave will be generated at ½ day per month, or as defined in the Personnel Manual.  Youth Advisor must submit hours worked to the bookkeeper and the Director of Family Ministries on the 10th and 24th day of each month.

This is a part-time, classified as non-benefits eligible position in the UU Marin Personnel Policy Manual with the exception of the benefits stated above.

Before starting the position, the Youth Advisor will need to complete a Livescan background check.  Within a month of employment the Youth Advisor will need to provide certification of completion of the State’s general Mandatory Reporter training and non-supervisory Sexual Harassment Awareness training.

Interested? Submit a resume and contact information for three references and a family member to

Family Ministries Team’s Mission Statement:

To grow resilient resourceful youth and families, we:

Create caring connections and traditions,

Invite curiosity and spiritual exploration, and

Explore ways to build a better more compassionate world together.

Family Ministries Team’s Vision:

To grow Religious Exploration by providing consistently engaging programs led by professional “anchor teachers*” for each age group while supporting and connecting families.

Family Ministries Team’s Goals for Youth in  the 1st six months of 2023:

Learn about the indigenous people who lived and live near our congregation

Educate about racism through the book “Stamped,” and what we can do to be anti-racist

Explore our natural environment with a focus on water and drought

Provide deeper exploration of Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism through their Holidays

Celebrate the 8 sabbats of the year

Offer OWL programs for ages 10th -12th grade and K-1st grade

Conduct a week long Chalice Camp on Climate, Justice and Hope

* “Anchor teachers” refers to paid staff present on a weekly basis throughout the year.  Presently the “anchor teachers” are the Early Childhood Coordinator, the Elementary Age Coordinator, and the Youth Advisor.