UU Marin sends two email newsletters to members and friends who have signed up for them.

Email lists are never shared or used for commercial purposes or private interests.

Please read the following guidelines on how to submit items for e-newsletters.

Weekly E-Newsletter

UU Marin’s weekly e-newsletter gives you all you need to know about UU Marin announcements and activities. It is emailed to all list members each Thursday morning. The newsletter includes:

  • Notices of UU Marin-sponsored events, meetings, or other activities which involve the entire congregation.
  • Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) or regional denominational events of interest.

The deadline for members to submit an announcement or article for the weekly e-newsletter is 7am Wednsday. Only UU Marin members may submit items. Send all submissions to newsletter@uumarin.org.

Additional submission guidelines for the weekly e-newsletter:

  • Submit articles in text only, using one font.
  • Include basic event information: date, time, place, and cost (who/what/when/where).
  • News items should be fewer than 100 words; articles fewer than 250 words. Note that columns may link to the web after two paragraphs.
  • Links to sites outside UU Marin must be provided.
  • Flyers for UU Marin events should be sent to the newsletter editor (newsletter@uumarin.org) and the webmaster (webmaster@uumarin.org).
  • The editor reserves the right to edit for length or content or postpone the article to the next week if it is not urgent.

UU Marin Connect Emails

This email is a space for members to communicate non-church related topics such as items for sale, yard sales, services offered, items wanted, etc. Members can also announce activities like birding, hiking, theater and museum visits, etc.

Please use good judgment in using this list. For example, we don’t send jokes or political opinions.

Sign up for this list by contacting the Connect List Administrator.

Submit items by sending an email to uucmconnect@uumarin.org. UU Marin Connect emails are sent as items are submitted, attempting to combine them into one issue and published as needed.