The Soul Matters Sharing Circle is a group of over 145 UU congregations who follow the same monthly worship themes that have been developed, researched, curated and crowd-sourced to enable congregational leaders to save time, deepen their work and offer more impactful ministry to the world. Soul Matters packets are created each month for ministers, RE families, and group participants.

Our Soul Matters program is a small group ministry that helps to deepen and broaden personal spiritual growth as well as facilitate interpersonal connections through a distinctive small group curriculum. Each Soul Matters group consists of six to ten participants led by a facilitator who meet on a regular basis during the church year, with some groups continuing through the summer. While new groups form each January, some groups continue with existing members and may add members as space allows. The COVID pandemic forced all groups to meet virtually, and some continue to do so to accommodate members who live at a distance. Others have joyfully returned to in-person meetings.

Each month, participants receive a small group packet of resources on the current monthly theme. These packets include spiritual exercises, questions that encourage reflection on daily living, and several pages of poetry, music, video, and other sources that help participants explore the theme in more depth. While Soul Matters emphasizes deep listening and reflection, each facilitator conducts the experience a little differently. Some do not reference the packet at all and allow for discussion of the topic generally, while others follow the recommended format closely.

Soul Matters groups offer the gift of spiritual connection. First, we listen to each other. Second, we listen to our own lives. Finally we listen to our deepest selves. The process asks each participant to engage with the monthly packet and to listen deeply with gratitude, and noting meaningful connections. These are not self-help groups or therapy groups and as such, participants speak to their own truths without judgment or offering advice to others.

You can learn more about the overall Soul Matters program on the Soul Matters Sharing Circle website, or on the Soul Matters Facebook page.
If you are interested in participating in a Soul Matter group, please contact Rev. Cory at