Coming of Age and Young Religious Unitarian Universalists (YRUU)

In many faith traditions, teenagehood is a time where youth explore the faith they were born into, with the understanding that after these years of reflection, they will choose their path and spiritual practice. Our teen program is designed to expose our youth not only to Unitarian Universalism, but to other faith traditions and beliefs as well. We believe in the inherent wisdom of the world around us as the greatest teacher of young adults. This, rooted in the fundamental values of Unitarian Universalism, is how we choose to approach the great responsibility of guiding youth through our religious exploration programs.  

Our team strives to engage spiritually, empower, and encourage authentic community. We want teens to learn how to make connections with one another, find the truest expression of themselves, and enjoy being young. Together we ask big questions, try out new spiritual practices, and engage in social action. If you are in 6th to 12th grade this year, join Youth Coordinator Charlotte Cramer and the other youth of UU Marin for a life-changing experience! 

We are currently offering monthly youth get-togethers in partnership with other UU congregations in Santa Rosa, Petaluma and Napa. Any teen interested in coming is welcome, as well as any friends who would like to join. Please contact Charlotte. 

Upcoming Events

We will be taking a summer break with our events. Check in with Charlotte for upcoming get togethers, teen friendly gatherings and for more information about what we do at UUCM!

For more information and ways to engage, please reach out to:

Charlotte Cramer, Youth Coordinator, at or
Rev. Lynne, Director of Family Ministries, at or
Intern Minister Joe Gabaeff, at