Families at UUCM are cherished and served by the congregation in many ways.  There are Holiday events, Kids Night Out (aka Parents Night Out), and adventures offsite out in Nature.

Holiday Events throughout the Seasons

Each season brings several special Holiday events designed especially to include families.  

In the autumn we celebrate Samhaim on October 30th with an Sunday morning intergenerational service followed by a Pumpkin Hunt and decorating.  The following month on November 20th, the Sunday morning service before Thanksgiving, we hold our traditional telling of “Stone Soup” concluded with our kids serving a stone soup they have made. 

In the winter we gather after Sunday service to Deck the Halls on December 4th with lots of crafts from snowflakes to wreaths for families to make. Families are especially invited to early evening celebrations for Yule, the Winter Solstice December 21st, and Christmas Eve December 24th.  Check back in December for times and activities associated with the service.  Then, January 29th join us as the congregation celebrates the Lunar New Year with an intergenerational Sunday morning service.

Spring celebrations start off with Eoastar (Spring Equinox) Egg Hunt. Check back this spring for specific dates and times. 

Kids’ Nights Out (aka Parent’s Night Out)

Throughout the year we have an opportunity for those children registered to attend our congregation to spend 4 hours together on a Saturday evening, having fun, building deeper relationships, acquiring skills to give them a sense of achievement, and explore the amazing world around us.  Originally designed to give parents an evening out to enjoy and celebrate their relationship, we found that this time for the kids was defiantly more than childcare form 4:00 – 8:00 pm. The next Kids Night Out is scheduled for October 8th.  If you are interested in attending please contact us at revlynne@uumarin.org.

Off – Site Adventures

Spring 2023 we hope families will join us one Saturday at Olompoli to explore the ways of the Miwok who walked this land before us. We can learn of native plants, share their interaction with the animals around us, and see other things about how they lived in harmony with the land.  Check back this spring for date and times.

In the years prior to the COVID pandemic families joined in the all congregational weekend retreat at Walker Creek Ranch each spring.  Staff attend to provide activities, crafts, and games for children and teens during the day. The evening entertainment includes a talent show, folk dancing, and a campfire. Check back this spring to see if we are able to gather there again in 2023.

For more information and ways to engage, please reach out to:

Rev. Lynne, Director of Family Ministries, at revlynne@uumarin.org
Debra Bright at debra@uumarin.org

Luka Coole, Childhood Coordinator, at Luka@uumarin.org
Charlotte Cramer at Charlotte@uumarin.org