The members of the Pastoral Care Committee seek to respond with compassion and respect to the pastoral needs of members of our religious community.

If you need help…

Please contact the Minister at (415) 479-4131 or If for any reason you need a caring, supportive listener when our Minister is unavailable, email the Pastoral Care Committee at

The Pastoral Care Team can help, if you:

  • need a ride to church services or events
  • have suffered lossHands around a flaming chalice
  • are depressed
  • are undergoing any sort of transition
  • are experiencing job or financial changes
  • are in the process of separation or divorce
  • or a family member face a life-threatening illness
  • are homebound for any reason
  • are lonely or hospitalized
  • need a referral for help

What Does Pastoral Care Offer?

  • We keep in touch with members confined to home, hospital, or convalescent settings.
  • We arrange for two or three days of in-home meals.
  • We help with essential shopping for those unable to do these tasks until other arrangements can be made.
  • We arrange for rides to/from UUCM services and events and to essential appointments, with adequate advance notice.
  • We refer members to community services and/or professional help as needed.

Community Resource

Pastoral Care encourages you to help yourself to the Community Resources” information in the magazine rack in the Community Room. You may also contact for assistance in finding information on other related topics.

Instructions in Case of Emergency or Death

To assist you in planning ahead for dealing with emergencies, Pastoral Care provides a form, “Instructions in Case of Emergency or Death” that you can complete and share with family members. UUCM maintains a confidential file of such forms so that we may be of assistance during emergencies.

Financial Issues

If you need temporary financial help, talk to the Minister about the possibility of a gift from the Minister’s Discretionary Fund or the Botermans Fund for members who are disabled.

Who Is a Pastoral Care Committee Member?

A UUCM member who:

  • Works with our Minister to provide caring support for UUCM members
  • Is trained to listen and offer confidential support to members of our community
  • Is aware of community resources
  • Pastoral Care volunteers participate in training sessions and continuing education. We are non-professionals who keep confidence and walk beside you through life’s ups and downs.
  • We are always looking for new members! To find out more, contact