Our own UUCM women’s group: CONNECT, offers unique and valuable connection among different age groups of women. Younger moms and more venerable women of the congregation join in activities, sometimes in pairs or small groups, or through the larger monthly meeting. This central theme of CONNECT, building intergenerational relationships and camaraderie, improves the well-being of both younger and older women.

Awareness and empathy can flourish in this setting; bridging the age gap benefits all who participate. Our mantra: TO SUPPORT EACH OTHER, TO ENRICH EACH OTHER, TO BE TOGETHER. STRENGTH GROUNDED IN CONFIDENTIALITY, NON-JUDGMENT, AND COMPASSION.

Leaders: Glynda Christian and Lindsey Koelman
Advisors: Kat Braeman and Juliet Christian-Smith

Questions? connect@uumarin.org

Meets the second Sunday of each month. (July: NO Meeting) Fireside Room, 12:00 till 1:30. Childcare available with registration at least a couple of days in advance: Please include a hearty snack, and meet for a moment with caretaker.