UU Marin Endowment Funds

UU Marin has two Endowment Funds which aid our programs, provide financial stability, and are available as an emergency resource for our Congregation.

Bequests and other large gifts from members and friends that are combined into our endowments provide a reliable source of additional income for our mission.  Through contributions, a grantor may contribute to a long-lasting legacy and help our community thrive into the future.  UU Marin would graciously appreciate future donations, particularly to either our General Endowment Fund or our Religious Education Fund.  For more information, please contact Treasurer@UUMarin.org.

The two Endowment Funds are overseen by the UU Marin Endowment Funds Committee.  Assets in the funds are professionally managed by the Unitarian Universalist Common Endowment Fund in Boston (similar to a mutual fund) and our funds are pooled with other UU churches.  The investment objective of the funds is to achieve the highest income commensurate with safety, preservation of fund value, and a sense of social responsibility.

General Endowment Fund

This fund was created to provide long term financial stability for UU Marin. The Congregation may consider withdrawal of funds in excess of the annual percentage draw (customarily between 4-5%) in order to pay for major capital improvements on the Congregations property. After Board approval any distributions other than the quarterly annual draw must be approved by a 2/3 vote of those members present and voting at a duly called meeting of the Congregation.

Fund Value as of 12/31/2022: $328,348
Fund Value as of 12/31/2021: $375,521

Religious Education Fund for Family Ministry

The Religious Education Fund was set up to increase the monetary resources available for children’s and high school age youths’ religious education at the UU Marin in order to create opportunities for the religious education (program and staffing) that would otherwise not have been possible. It is intended that decisions about the use of this donation will be made by those who are active in children’s and high school age youths’ religious education. Distributions are included the UU Marin’s annual budget for Religious Education. This is now commonly known as the Religious Education Enhancement Fund.

Fund Value as of 12/31/2022: $111,456
Fund Value as of 12/31/2021: $139,608

Emergency Assistance Fund

The Emergency Assistance Fund provides limited, short-term financial assistance to members, pledging friends, and employees in the case of a life-altering emergency, such as a sudden illness or accident.

The fund is managed by the Endowments and Investments Committee. It is invested in Vanguard mutual funds, with the goal being to maintain the Fund’s value. A Board Policy governs this fund.

More Info about the Emergency Assistance Fund, including how to apply.

Fund Value as of 12/31/2022: $160,398
Fund Value as of 12/31/2021: $238,126