Our Childhood Coordinator Luka Coole and volunteers provide in-person Sunday morning programming for elementary age kids. This is an opportunity for our children in 1st to 5th grades to experience living and leading in a loving covenantal community. 

Following the themes of the month, we encourage our children to explore big questions, practice UU values and traditions, explore new spiritual practices, and engage in social action. We provide activities connected to the message of the day for each child to share with their family.

If you have a child in grades 1 to 5, come join us on Sunday mornings from 10:30 to 11:45 to see the community we are building. For more information and ways to engage, please reach out to:

Rev. Lynne, Director of Family Ministries, at revlynne@uumarin.org, or Luka Coole, Childhood Coordinator, at Luka@uumarin.org