Open Broadcast System (OBS) Operator

Job Title:  Open Broadcast System (OBS) Operator

Reports to:  Congregational Administrator

Status:   Non-Exempt Hourly P/T

Salary:  $35/hr – 3 hours Sunday mornings (approx. 9:15-12:15), plus 1-2 hours of support work on the Friday/Saturday prior to Sunday Service.  

Start Date: ASAP

Job Summary: This individual will be responsible for operating the in-house livestream system for a weekly hybrid service on Sunday mornings. The system requires the operator to control both OBS and Zoom which are installed on a local MacOS workstation. The system utilizes two hard-mounted remotely controlled PTZ cams, and audio is pre-mixed to stereo L/R and managed by an on-site audio technician who will work in tandem with the OBS operator. 

Our ideal candidate will have:

  • A strong competence in using Apple computers
  • Familiarity with OBS software is desirable, but training is available if needed.
  • Highly organized with ability to manage multiple tasks.
  • Ability to think and communicate clearly and calmly with other church volunteers during the hybrid broadcast.
  • Professional demeanor and presence, positive attitude, strong work ethic.
  • Willingness to treat others with respect and dignity, aligning with UU Principles & Values
  • Outstanding attendance and punctuality required

Duties (Estimate 4-5 hours per week)

  • Ensure that graphic, audio, and video resources designated by UU Marin staff/volunteers for each Sunday service are loaded into OBS (1-2 hr).
  • On Sunday (3 hr)
    • Review scenes and ensure they are consistent with the program provided by church staff/volunteers each Sunday.
    • Conduct preservice testing of OBS software, camera settings, scene/source selections, and connection with Zoom.
    • Perform OBS operator duties during the Sunday service, coordinate with audio operator to troubleshoot any audio issues and monitor audio streams in Zoom.
    • Debrief with audio and worship assisted staff after conclusion of service
  • Participate in dress rehearsals as needed (2 hr – 1x/mo)
  • Develop additional automation or features to reflect new requirements for the service (Time/resources permitting)

Other Considerations

  • Future Plans for the hybrid service broadcast include: Expanding our capacity to send the signal to other rooms in the building, and installing a video projector & screen in Fellowship Hall, so the congregants there can see the on-screen Order of Service, video clips, still photos and graphics created with the OBS that are broadcast via Zoom.

To apply: send a cover letter and resume to