Director of Family Ministries

Who We Are … and Who We Are Becoming

Come join us for the extraordinary transformation we are currently manifesting. We have a new settled minister, a new $2.5m+ Capital Campaign underway to significantly improve our physical space, and a new Director of Family Ministries – YOU! – joining to helm our growing program for kids and youth. 

Our outgoing DFM has done a sterling job growing the program by leaps and bounds – even during the pandemic. The congregation’s will to invest in RE programs has been a part of that success story, and continues to grow stronger, as evidenced by our voting on priorities at the recent new minister start-up meeting in early 2024. In fact there’s SO much enthusiasm that we are considering expanding our services by offering a regular Wednesday night community building event in addition to our popular Sunday morning program. 

We have ideas, support and room to grow as we eagerly anticipate our next chapter at UU Marin, and the final piece of the puzzle is the perfect DFM candidate to be a significant part of it. 

Who you are / a perfect fit

The ideal candidate to join us at this time will answer a resounding Yes! to the following: 

  • You are deeply grounded in UU values. You’ve lived them for years (perhaps decades), can call on them at a moment’s notice, and perhaps have even created songs about them (we did a few years ago in our program! 🎶“You are loved, you are blessed.  Keep open your hearts and minds …” 🎵)
  • You are creative at the individual scale – you love to play and have a sense of humor, and you’re also creative at the programmatic scale – you can envision new summer camps, new overnight trips and new programming angles to gain engagement (like leveraging D&D to engage youth). 
  • You are loyal and enjoy building for the long term. Short term wins are always satisfying, but our overarching shared goal is to create and nurture a thriving program for many, many years to come. 

The job description contains more information about the position offering and candidate requirements. Please contact us by submitting a cover letter and resume to if you are interested!